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StyxOS 1.1 for Moto g7 Play

The Styx Project is a custom Android based distribution that aims to subtly enhance the beauty of stock Android while still keeping the smoothness, stability, neatness and performance of pure AOSP.

How to repartition your Moto g7 Play

The Moto g7 Play is a great value device, with awesome development capabilities. Sadly the system partition is too small for some images. Learn how to repartition your device with the steps below.

Fix GMS on OEM ports

These instructions will help you fix Google sign in on OEM ports

MIUI 21.2.24 (12.5 weekly, for Moto g7 Play

MIUI is the Android based skin Xiaomi distribute on their phones. Learn how to install on your Moto g7 Play with this guide.


I decided to make an operating system - that only prints peoples names

Kali Nethunter for Moto g7 Play

Kali Nethunter is a mobile penetration testing suite for Android phones, combining the power of Kali Linux in a lightweight chroot